Unit 4: A reflection

Posting an activity to the real world might not seem like much to many, but for me it was something interesting, especially knowing that someone would answer it. I think I did a good job, even though only two persons answered my activities. I was very happy to see that they did do what was asked.

I am not that emphatic of a person. In fact, I tend to be expressionless and monochrome. But this course seem to be e great opportunity to ponder upon what I thought about education and how can we play with different models in order to suit our students’ necessities. When making an online course it is necessary to think about many aspects. An online course is not done without making plans and taking decisions. The teacher needs to ensure that the course works well and this is a great challenge.

Before the course ends, I would like to thank all my classmates for working as good as we did, and for commenting some of my participation.


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