Unit 1: a reflection

A reflection

It is interesting to know what will strongly impact world education, although this view might seem quite optimistic. Today I learned that one country in Central Asia, when signing in for a world competition taking place in my country, submitted its national anthem saved in a floppy disk. This made me reconsider what I thought about the world and technology. Without a doubt it is a means of power, and those who have it have the possibility to oppress those who are in a dire situation. Education is also a means of power, as language empowers also people to fight for their rights. But let us not ponder on what is good and wrong, right or ill mannered. As future teachers we need to think in new ways of giving a quality education to as many people as possible while maintaining a competitive standard. We need to renew the ways in which we think about teaching. If we continue to embrace traditional education without any variant, we are as bad as a teacher who teaches alchemy as the May topic for a chemistry course.


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